Dear Friends of BIPOC Mental Health and Wellness,
The International Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts (IIHCA) is pleased to begin a unique program for BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) professionals. We need your financial help to bring this program to fruition. (Please follow the link to make your tax-deductible contribution: 100% Humane International)
Our intention is to increase the presence of Black and Brown Neuro-Somatic Integration practitioners and to bring this valuable healing work to their communities. Building successful BIPOC-owned and operated businesses is the key to bringing this work to the communities we intend to reach. The program takes place in Barbados, New York, and San Diego. We have applicants from Barbados, New York, San Diego, and Trinidad.
The budget for the project, including transportation, lodging, food, staff, and classroom space is approximately $360,000.00 for the two-year engagement with twelve students. We need your financial support to make this a reality. You will be recognized for your generosity as a scholarship supporter on the 100% HUMANE website. Donations are tax deductible.
100% Humane International was founded in 2000 as an initiative of the Caribbean Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts, rebranded in 2015 as the International Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts. 100% Humane International is a registered charity dedicated to raising funds to provide low or no-cost therapy and scholarships for trauma education.
Thank you for your consideration and support,
The Board of Directors International Institute of Healing and Cultural Arts